Friday, July 12, 2013

I Am B.U.S ELEP 2013 (Listening Activity)

1. I also prepare Listening Activity material as part of Teaching Methodology project.

2. After the video, student should answer following questions:
a) How many countries were interviewed in the video?
b) Who could do traditional dance?
c) When is Samalindang dance performed in Brunei?
d) Which dance is most popular in Cambodia?
e) List out all the dances mentioned by Silfia?
f) Why do people of Myanmar dance the Thingyan dance?
g) Where is Zapin dance the most popular?
h) What does Syamsul want to learn?
i) Do you know how to perform a traditional dance? Name the dance.
j) Do you think cultural dance is still practiced in 20 years time? Why?

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