Friday, July 12, 2013

I Am Prezi

1. Prezi is another presentation software than can be use to show text, photos, songs and videos interactive ways.

2. To start using Prezi, go to

3. Click Sign Up to open New Account.

2. Choose Licence, as example Public for Free Account.

4. Fill in your detail and submit.

4. Then, Log In to your account.


5. To Start using Prezi, click New Prezi.

6. Choose you template. As example, Blank Template.

7. You will see the canvas to design your presentation.
8. To Insert Frame, click Frames and Arrows.
9. To Insert Photos, Videos, Music or PDF Files, click Insert
10. You can change your Theme by clicking Themes
11. Click Edit Path to arrange turn for the frame. Click Present when you are ready.

12. You can save your Prezi online, or to your dekstop.

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